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Direct Sharing of Canvas Content Now Available

Canvas feature alert! In our Canvas instance, we just enabled the Direct Share feature, which applies to Assignments, Quizzes, Discussions, and Pages. Direct Share allows you to do two things from your Modules page or from an individual Assignment, Quiz, Discussion or Page:

  1. share an item with another instructor (Send To…)
  2. copy an item to another course (Copy To…)

This is such a great collaboration tool for faculty. The next time you’re showing a colleague or two your improved discussion prompt, for example, when they love it, you can use Direct Share to send it straight to them.

The next time they log into Canvas, they’ll see a notice on their Account icon that they have a new Shared Item.

Then from the Shared Content page, they can import the item to one of their own courses. No need to go through Commons.

The Direct Share feature also makes it much faster for you to locate a single item in one course and quickly copy it to a different course.

Curious? Get a complete overview in less than 3 minutes by watching this demonstration video (Closed Captioning available) (link to transcript).

Here are links to the relevant Canvas guides:

Go forth, share, and collaborate!

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