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Student Guide to Viewing Turnitin Feedback

One of the many joys of working in the CTLE is engaging with faculty and staff.  We hear about the success instructors have with their students, and we hear the frustrations Tigger Frustratedinstructors have as well.  Once common frustration we hear is students’ failure to read the detailed feedback that instructors have taken the time to write for Turnitin assignments.

While the CTLE typically does not create resources for students, we made an exception to the rule.  To help instructors help their students, the Student Guide to Viewing Turninit Feedback was created.  We hope this easy to read guide will be beneficial for students and for faculty.

Please feel free to print or post in Canvas so students have access.

A special thank you to Jim Veihdeffer for assisting with the creation of this student resource. 

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