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Topic 3: Cloud Storage

Cloud-computing-1 by Πrate. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

With online resources like cloud storage solutions, you can edit documents live and share files among a group of peers, students or colleagues.  It’s so easy, you can do this from almost any device that has an internet connection.  But with convenience comes risk. What are the risks to using cloud storage as a MCCCD employee?

For more thorough information, please review your required Canvas Module on Information Security and Privacy training.  

MCCCD has asked that we refrain from using cloud document solutions at this time until they can provide secure access . The best advice is to avoid using them until MCCCD makes an official policy statement.  Until then, there are a few resources to share files with students and fellow employees that can be utilized.

All employees and students currently utilize Google’s email systems.  Maricopa teams have worked with Google to ensure that those resources are FERPA compliant and secure. If you must use cloud storage services, your best bet is stick with Google Services like Google Drive with your MEID accounts and to to limit sharing to Maricopa only. Do not put grades or student ID information in Google Drive.

As MCCCD realigns our security and privacy policies, the way we do business will change.  As employees it is our responsibility to maintain MCCCD’s security and privacy.  It’s important that we are aware of the types of data we’re putting “in the cloud” and who we’re sharing that data with.

Remember, Only You Can Prevent Security Breaches!

For more information on MCCCD’s Information Security and Privacy Policies check out the following links.

4.22 Statement on Privacy from the Chancellor

4.23 Written Information Security Program

4.24 Information Security Incident Response Plan

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