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Windows 10: A First Look

As the picture shows, one of the major things that Windows 10 brings is the beloved Start Menu back and that is just the beginning!  Windows 8 was pretty much a disaster for Microsoft, with many people confused by the dual desktop styles and many more things that worked well for tablets but not so much for computers.  This resulted in the longest testing in the history of operating systems to make sure that the user got what they really wanted and needed.

To spread the good will, Microsoft has released updates to Windows 10 for free for those with Windows 7 and above.

Windows 10 has many advancements such as Cortana, a virtual assistant that can learn more about you, recognize your voice and do much more!

Because this is the operating system that Microsoft is pushing for a billion devices to be on within a year, chances are that you may use this system soon.  Check out this emulator that simulates Windows 10!  Learn more about Windows 10!

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