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Conducting Peer Review Assignments in Canvas

At GCC we have a few options for conducting online peer review assignments in the composition course. I previously posted about the option I use in Connect Composition on my personal blog, but today I want to share with you a 2nd way that a few of our faculty in the English department are using.  Below is the method that Gary Lawrence uses. I posted previously about his heads up about this process, but this post will give a few more details on how it all works. He even shared a video below that he made for students to show them the peer review process.
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It’s not a perfect process, but it works well enough if you don’t have access to Connect Composition. It requires that students have MS Word to be able to “track changes” and leave comments on the documents. There are work arounds for that, but it might further complicate the process. Below is an image Gary created for students to explain the peer review process to them.

And if you missed the previous post, here is Gary’s explanation of how he sets up the peer reviews in Canvas:

This is the way the peer review process works in Canvas: As part of a draft assignment, I usually let Canvas assign the peer reviews automatically. The cleanest way to do that, I think, is to “lock” submissions, so you don’t have a bunch of late contenders to deal with.  So under the draft assignment, I give a due date, and then  I select “more options” (shown in blue box below) and check “require peer reviews,” “automatically assign peer reviews,” pick the number of reviews per student, tell Canvas when to assign the peer reviews (default = assignment due date), and then “lock submits after (date)” to keep it clean.    I also happen to restrict inputs to .doc or .docx files so students can use “track changes” features of MS Word for line comments.

If you’d like more information about how to use peer reviews in an online environment in your course, give us a call in the CTLE. We’ll set something up to show you how.

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